Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an effective and, in the hands of an experienced practitioner, an entirely safe form of medical treatment which can be used alongside other forms of medicine including Western medicine.

There are no limitations in terms of agesex, or condition regarding TCM treatment – it can focus on physical, psychological, emotional or even spiritual disorders with equal effect.

“It is safe to say that there is no sick person who cannot be helped by TCM treatment.” Professor T.J. Shanahan.

TCM Treatment Methods


Inserting hair-thin needles on the body surface to restore internal health.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Individually tailored prescriptions of medicinal botanicals.

Medical Qigong

An ancient technique of directly affecting the patient’s Qi.

Dietary Therapy

Adjusting the patient’s food intake according to their condition.


Medicinal technique that uses cups to create a vacuum on the skin.


Burning dried herb Artemisia Sinensis on or above specific points on the body.

About Titta

Titta M. Laattala is a fully qualified practitioner of Acupuncture TCM (Acupuncture – Moxibustion, Cupping, Lifestyle and Dietary Therapy), Chinese Herbal Medicine and Medical Qigong.

She is a teacher and a Clinical Supervisor at the Irish College of TCM (ICTCM) and a Council Member of the Professional Register of TCM (PRTCM).

Titta is a member of the Professional Register of TCM and Professional Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

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