Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is Traditional, as practiced in China and elsewhere in the Orient for over 2000 years. It is Chinese as in originating from China. It is Medicine as in the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

TCM is an effective and, in the hands of an experienced practitioner, entirely safe form of medical treatment which can be used alongside other forms of medicine including Western medicine.

Most commonly used treatment methods within TCM are Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism. Moxibustion and Cupping may also be used and clients are often advised in matters of Diet and Lifestyle.

For the deepest and most stubborn conditions Medical Qigong may be applied in the practitioner’s discretion.

What Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats

It is safe to say that there is no sick person who cannot be helped by TCM treatment, but only after a full Chinese medical diagnosis has been carried out. This is very different from an ordinary diagnosis by a GP.

The extent and speed of this help will naturally depend upon a number of considerations, such as

  • the nature of the complaint itself
  • the length of time the complaint has been there
  • the frequency and type of TCM treament
  • skill and experience of the practitioner
  • what happens between treatments
  • how well the client keeps to the instructions of the practitioner.

TCM Treatment Methods