Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong is at once the most ancient and most sophisticated of the various branches of TCM  –  it is the most rarefied and specialised form of TCM treatment.

Unlike all of the others, it dispenses with the “middle man” – for example acupuncture needles, herbals prescriptions, different food types, various exercises, and the like – and instead immediately and directly connects the Qi of the practitioner – with therapeutic intent – to that of the person being treated.

The focused, refined and potentised Qi of the practitioner is transmitted, without intermediary, to the imbalanced or diseased aspect of the client to initiate cure. The practitioner sends out their Qi, without touching the patient, to perform the treatment.

All forms of TCM treatment strive to boost, reinforce, strengthen and invigorate the Qi. Acupuncture medicine, for example, employs finest needles, applied to the skin, to drive out unhealthy Qi and restore healthy circulation of optimal Qi. MQG (Medical Qigong) uses the Qi of the practitioner to directly influence and invigorate the smooth flow of Qi within the patient and thereby to remove possible Qi blockages of many different sorts.

While Medical Qigong is undoubtedly one of the most effective forms of medical intervention known to man, it is also, not surprisingly, one of the most intriguing and challenging endeavours for the TCM medical practitioner to embark upon. It also the most demanding in terms of the time and effort needed to master it.

The utmost dedication and constant hard work is required in order to so refine one’s Qi that it can then be projected externally to another human being to bring about a transformation in their health. The demands placed upon the practitioner who can subsequently sometimes achieve seemingly “miraculous” medical potency could not be otherwise.

Who can have Medical Qigong treatment?

Your practitioner will only use this treatment method if they feel it is necessary for the your individual condition. They may suggest using Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Medicine instead of MQG.