Clinics Re-Opening: Medical Need and Urgent Care Only

Clinics Re-Opening: Medical Need and Urgent Care Only

We are pleased to advice that regular appointments are now available for those who either need urgent care, or have a medical condition they require treatment for. This is in accordance with guidelines received from the Professional Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine this week.

Patients with non-medical needs and those looking for general wellness, beauty and relaxation will be able to be seen at a later phase.

Those who are shielding, should continue to do so until further advice from the government.

What does ‘medical need’ mean and can I be seen?

A medical condition is a broad term that includes all diseases, lesions, and disorders including mental illnesses. Although open to interpretation, as a rule of thumb it could be said that a medical condition is one that troubles you to the degree that you either have already or would consult your GP about it. If this is the case, you can contact us to make an appointment.

We know that TCM acupuncture is excellent in preventative care and improving general health and wellbeing, however currently we are unable to offer appointments for this purpose. Hopefully it will not be too much longer until we can fully open.

Safe clinical procedure and infection control.

For the time being, all appointments are at Kings College NHS Health CentreKing’s College NHS Health Centre, which is following strict NHS primary care protocols for infection control. This includes your practitioner wearing PPE for your appointment, and disinfecting the surfaces of the clinical room between appointments. The waiting room and corridors are spacious and allow for safe social distancing. Clinic bathrooms are available for patients to use.

Before and during the appointment

Patients will be contacted prior to their appointment for pre-screening regarding any possible Covid symptoms or exposure to risk.

Wearing of a face mask is not compulsory, but it is recommended. Everybody should wash their hands upon arrival to the clinic.

During the appointment, physical proximity and contact is kept to a minimum during the appointment and all necessary precautions will be taken as advised by the government, Public Health England, and the Professional Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Getting there

Patients are encouraged to use their own transport where possible when attending appointments.

Light at the end of the tunnel

This has been an unusual time for everyone, and really quite hard for some. Hopefully life will begin to return back to normal step by step, and we don’t experience any major setbacks. We urge you to continue to be cautious and careful and avoid any unnecessary risk.

Jingshen TCM Clinic is looking forward to returning back to practice!