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As you visit and browse the website, cookies are used to differentiate your actions from those of other users for the purpose of storing user preferences, tracking user trends and monitoring the status of website processes.

We do not use cookies to store personal information about you and we do not intentionally request or store any personal information that your browser may offer to us.

How do you use cookies?

The cookies we use fall in to the following broad types:

Session State We use a session cookie to enable features that take place across more than one page load, such as multi-step processes like generating a QR code and then having it emailed to somebody or staying logged in to a subscriber account. This cookie generally only lasts for one visit.
Visitor State We use some cookies to store non identifying settings for next time you visit. For example if we warn you that your web browser might be too old we will store a cookie so that we know we have told you once and don’t have to tell you again every time you open the site.
Analytics We use Google Analytics to track usage trends in order to improve our service. Google Analytics uses cookies to enable this functionality but does not collect personally identifying information. For more information see Analytics at Types of cookies used by google.