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Please indicate your email preferences below – thank you for responding!

Clinic Updates

If you are a patient at the clinic you will automatically receive notifications of any changes to clinic times and updates about current Covid precautions – these are essential and you cannot opt out from them.

Class Reminders

If you are a regular at the Midweek Morning class you will automatically receive information about any changes relevant to the class. Some of you like the weekly reminder, but perhaps not everyone – please indicate below!

News and Articles

I occasionally write small articles on various TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) subjects. I cannot promise these to be regular or frequent, but if you would like to receive them as they are published, please indicate it below.

    I would like to receive:

    Weekly reminder for the Midweek Morning Stretching and Bending Class?

    TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) advice on lifestyle and wellbeing?

    TCM advice on food, eating and diet?

    TCM advice on health, avoiding illness and on home remedies?

    Current items and news about clinical research into TCM

    Are there any subjects or areas that you are interested in, but which are not listed above? Any other feedback?

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