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Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapeutic Exercise

TCM Stretching and Bending is an ancient form of safe and gentle stretching which combines deep breathing with movement.

One time class on Wednesday the 14th at 3.30pm.

By invitation only – Look forward to seeing you.


Recovery after Injury

Stretching and Bending facilitates recovery from trauma after an injury or an operation. Safe and gentle, it does not put much stress on the injured part while encouraging healing to take place through improved circulation and careful movement of the joints and tendons.

Maintaining Mobility

As we get older, our joints and tendons become stiffer and muscles begin to lose their strength. While doing exercise becomes more important, it also becomes harder to do. Stretching and Bending helps to maintain strength and agility during later years of life without risk of injury.

Athletic Performance

Hard physical training requires a softer counterpart which aids recovery from exercise, gently moves and stretches muscles, tendons and joints, thus preventing injury. Stretching and Bending develops the ability to clear the mind and focus, which are essential skills in competitive sports.

Moving Meditation

For many people, sitting meditation is too hard – it is too still, too boring, and the mind wanders incessantly. Physical movement while focusing on the breath grounds the mind and creates a state of deep stillness and peace, allowing for free, thoughtful and creative approach to the day’s challenges.