Lockdown Zoom Classes: Stretching and Bending

Lockdown Zoom Classes: Stretching and Bending

Welcome to the all new 2021 – the world has changed in a very unexpected way and most of us are finding that we need to adapt.

Practicing medicine, for example, has become very different and at times severely limited and restricted by the Covid safety precautions, and often it is those very people who would most need help who are unable or too unsafe to travel to appointments.

One of the ways of making medicine available remotely last year was introducing online classes for patients of Jingshen TCM Clinic.

While it is not possible to give an acupuncture treatment remotely (no matter what some might suggest!), it is possible to move Qi remotely – the mechanism of acupuncture is by moving ‘Qi’ or ‘energy’ and causing circulation where it is needed, the way it is needed – or, rather, it is possible to guide the person in moving their own Qi in such a way that encourages circulation, healing and wellbeing, and causes an internal change in both the body and mind. Not as good as individual treatment, but better than nothing!

We are pleased to say that these classes are now online and available not only to clients of the clinic, but to anyone who might benefit from them. You are invited to join us for ‘Midweek Morning Stretching and Bending’ every Wednesday morning from 8.30am to 9am.

This is a simple, effective and gentle series of movements coupled with breathing to clear the mind and relax and stretch the body, enabling you to enter the day calm, focussed and ready for its challenges. Talk about a fresh start!

Looking forward to seeing you – please use the link below to schedule your class.